Artists as Catalysts for Creativity and Innovation - Overview


In a context of continuous transformation of economical logics, the world of culture must be seen as a source of development not only through the introduction of symbolic values but also by reinforcing its capacity for innovation in society, by contributing with new attitudes and values that transform the perception of value, which is central in economics. This fact becomes a window of opportunity to connect the world of arts and culture with the world of organizations, transcending the classical links and moving towards a new relational framework in which to learn from each other, create shared knowledge, catalyze creative capacities and promote new processes of transdisciplinarity. The arts, culture and creativity have become key factors of economic and social transformation under the prism of social innovation.

How are we going to train artists to enable them to be catalysts of change through their skills and abilities and through new methodologies of co-creation and cross-fertilization?


Here you find a video on the topic of "Artists as Catalysts for Creativity and Innovation".