Workshops with Conexiones improbables

About Conexiones improbables

Conexiones improbables is a proud partner in the FAST45 research project facilitating workshops in new and innovative ways. As an organisation, Conexiones improbables is a Platform that promotes and develops Open Innovation projects. It achieves this by implementing a hybrid methodology that combines the needs and challenges of companies or organisations with the creativity and expertise of artists or creators to obtain alternative results. It encourages responsible innovation in terms of impact, sustainability, commitment, deep-rootedness and radicalness (Slow Innovation).

Workshop in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Between 27 and 29 October 2021, one of the workshops organised by Uniarts as part of the WP2 activities was held in Vitoria-Gasteiz. These set of workshops were organised with the aim of experimenting with different arts-based processes that could be combined with futures approaches with the specific aim to develop FAST45 Art School Futures Labs.

During these three days, a focus group with a team of six artistic, cultural and educational agents from the local context was organised in order to discuss artist-led innovation and arts-based methods with the aim to co-create insightful ideas about the potential of artistic approaches and arts-based methods for futures thinking. Also, internal work was carried out between the staff of Conexiones improbables and Uniarts. On one hand, interviews with team members in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and co-reflection in cross fertilisation and open innovation methodologies. On the other hand, some of the Conexiones improbables methodologies were tested, aimed at tackling innovation and teamwork as an aid to define paths of innovation, strategic and innovation challenges or working on different scenarios, among others.

Workshop with EKA, Estonian Academy of Arts

On 18 January 2022, Conexiones improbables facilitated an online workshop with some staff representatives of EKA, the Estonian Academy of Arts, aimed to think about possible future models for higher education in the context of this educational institution.

The workshop was held with the methodological resource “Improbable challenges”, a game which involves a process of visual thinking based on a series of hexagonal cards that help players work towards creating “molecular organic maps” in order to begin defining the main focus of their organization or project. The game allows to think about strategic challenges, seeking to define the organisation’s strategic framework, direction and essence. The workshop took place in the framework of the FAST45 Art School Futures Thinking Guidelines, together with Uniarts Helsinki.