Art School Futures Data Map

For the data map, so far we have conducted over 50 interviews with various stakeholders from different areas all over Europe. We talked with these stakeholders about the impactful roles of artists, art, and creative work in their field of expertise, current challenges and drivers, and the most prominent trends and developments. We also discussed their utopias and dystopias for our world in 25 years.

This in-depth qualitative interview data we have labeled with over 700 codes in the main categories of technology, arts educational practices, economy, sustainability, Institutes of Higher Arts Education, society, and politics. The labeled data enables us now to identify and analyze current practices, challenges, problems, and concrete future plans in each field.

We furthermore contextualize our interview data with literature and influential online resources relevant to future thinking and publish a state-of-the-art bibliography.

Come back end of April, when we will publish our results on this Art School Futures Data Map as follows:

→ Interviews with stakeholders

→ A creative inventory of inspiring, promising practices and main drivers

Creative classes for an exploration of our topics

The data map's bibliography