FAST45 Forward Webinar#1 - Exploring Arts School Futures

FAST45 Forward Webinar#1 - Exploring arts school futures

Produced by LUCA School of Arts

This webinar took place on 10 March, 2022. Watch the recording>

Two inspiring guest speakers and a professional panel will guided us through a thought-provoking webinar in which future scenarios for art education were presented and discussed. Interaction with the public was an essential part of the webinar.

*Video recording will be available shortly*

Keynote speakers:

  • Arjen Van Klink Programme Director of the Research Centre Business Innovation and professor Next Strategy, University Rotterdam
  • Maya Van Leemput Senior researcher for Applied Futures Research, Erasmus University Brussels


  • Valery De Smedt, Head of Research LABOpro (a research unit centered around an r&d approach on art- and design-driven innovation, sustainable challenges and digital opportunities)
  • Lien De Ruyck, Freelance Creative Strategist
  • Jeroen Laureyns, Lectorer Contemporary Art


  • Lars Ebert, programme director of the cultural centre H401 (Amsterdam)


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