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Mome Movement, Budapest, Hungary

At Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design the “MOME Movement” has announced a contest, which accepts applications from Hungarian non-profit organisations which require support in their visual communication.

The journalist, Gelly Márk Levente describes in an article for the online magazine Hyper&Hyper: “They primarily seek to give a hand to organizations pursuing public interest activities, which, for budgetary or other reasons, don’t have a visual brand identity yet.​​ [...] the MOME Movement initiative shows how young talents can do charity work and provide real help to organizations that are working for a better world. At first, the movement was running as a student-founded grassroots initiative. By now—without losing its momentum—it grew into an academic course to design brand identities.”

Article by Gelly Márk Levente in Hyper&Hyper (February 19, 2021):