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Xenorama - Facade Dialogs, Cologne, Germany

FAÇADE DIALOGS is a participatory art project by the audio-visual art collective Xenorama, exhibited in a public space in Cologne in 2015.

The projection mapping offered various perspectives out of and on the diverse district of Cologne Mülheim.

The project started with the installation of a mobile interview station at the central Wiener Platz, where pedestrians were invited to speak about the district. The content was edited in a journalistic and artistic manner before being projected onto two very big, opposing façades at the Wiener Platz, a central square in the district of Mülheim.

As the projection lit up the district of Mülheim, its people became both, objects and mediators. FAÇADE DIALOGS provided local people with the chance to share their personal voices and discuss relevant topics concerning the district’s developments. They had the possibility to directly articulate their views in the way that mattered the most: in the actual space, they were talking about.

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