HELLO WOOD - Hungary

HELLO WOOD is a Hungarian architecture studio designing and executing smaller and larger scale projects. As a socially responsible project, they often collaborate with locals in their design process, they are present at every stage of the project and they organize workshops for university students to share their philosophy.

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HELLO WOOD: The bridge in Olaszliszka, Hungary

The initial situation was that the only bridge in the
village of Olaszliszka was for cars. There was no path for pedestrians,
which made local life uncomfortable and dangerous. During this workshop
the students from the University of Pécs built a wooden bridge next to the old bridge, to make locals' lives easier.

Project website (Hungarian):

HELLO WOOD: The playground in Olaszliszka, Hungary

Initially, the playground in Olaszliszka, Hungary was in an old and worn-out state. The Art & Design students of MOME University from Budapest designed and built a new wooden playground, taking into account the needs and wishes of local children.

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