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Playback Theatre for Police–Community Relations - Frayser, Tennesee, US

This theatre project was part of a community-based participatory research by Smigelsky et al. (2016). It was a collaboration of the Memphis Police Department with the theatre organisation Playback Memphis.

The researchers describe that “Police–community relations have catapulted onto the national stage after several high-profile instances of alleged police brutality. Blame and hostility can be barriers to positive police–community relations. Playback is a form of audience-inspired, improvisational theatre designed to promote connectivity and empathy through storytelling.” (ibid.)

The art intervention brought together police officers with formerly incarcerated individuals and increased positive attitudes towards the other group in both directions.

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Playback Memphis:

The study by Smigelky et al. (2016):

Smigelsky, Melissa et al. 2016. “Performing the peace: using playback theatre in the strengthening of police–community relations.” Prog Community Health Partnersh. 10, no. 4: 533–539.