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The Hangleton & Knoll Project, UK

The Hangelton & Knoll Project is a community development charity in South East England. They are a well-established and resident-centred community organisation in the area working with various regional partners.

One of those partners is the University of Brighton. The collaboration is mostly focused on research projects, such as an investigation on the accessibility of art.

This partnership is part of the Community University Partnership Programme (CUPP) of the University. Other project partners in this programme are for example a living lab on tackling loneliness or a collaboration with a local harbour on microplastic.

In this programme, they also support students in community volunteering by giving them “recognition for volunteering through accredited modules” or working with PhD students “wanting to undertake co-produced research with community partners” (CUPP Website).

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Community-University Partnership Programme Website:

A study by Johnson and Monney (2021):

Hangleton and Knoll Project website:

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