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Laundromat Project - New York City, USA

The Laundromat Project brings art into local laundry shops, to make the community more engaged with art. The project started in the 1990s in Brooklyn.

Journalist Emily Noko describes the project in an article for Next City as follows: “The Laundromat Project has actually never been a laundromat. The first public program, a fabric mural workshop, took place inside a Bed-Stuy senior center. Then the Create Change Artists-in-Residence program allowed artists to stage projects in laundromats across the city. “It ended up freeing us to actually think about the whole city,” Ilesanmi says. “Even since we pretty much haven’t looked back.” In 15 years the Laundromat Project has supported artists in all five boroughs through both fellowship and residency programs. Community-centered arts programming has happened inside libraries, community gardens, public plazas and in partnership with local cultural organizations.”

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