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Play Mobile Project, Hungary - Romania - France - Serbia

In the context of the transnational Play Mobile Project artists travel to more rural areas and create art in public spaces, for example, installations or performances, which are meant to attract the attention of the local community. Artists also invite locals to participate in collaborative art practices, for example, participatory theatre pieces, which are performed in different parts of the villages at the end of a project.

The project website describes sums up the idea behind Play Mobile Project:
β€œThe idea of the Play! MOBILE project is to encourage cultural participation in micro regions of Europe. We believe that community art practice; creation of modifiable site-specific installations and the development of a participatory game as a platform for interaction between artist-artefact and public, offers a sophisticated and inclusive way for capacity building and development of new audiences.
By turning public spaces of visited settlements into playgrounds of contemporary art, we are aiming to present an alternative way of cultural consumption, a methodology to present contemporary artworks without the necessity of having all the satisfactory infrastructure. Therefore, the international team of artists – together with local youngsters from visited towns – will create a site specific interdisciplinary and participatory game, which will be adopted to the different small settlements of partnering countries, thus bringing contemporary art closer to its audience.”
(Play Mobile, n.d.)

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