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Sharing Dance Older Adults - Toronto, Canada

The Canadian National Ballet School started an online video dance program for older adults. The aim is to provide a “safe and accessible dance program that engages older adults in meaningful dance activity. Programming is designed for individual dancers, as well as for organizations in a variety of settings, including community spaces, retirement homes, long-term care centres, and more”, as the project website outlines.

The interdisciplinary researchers Skinner et al. (2018) address questions around how such dementia-friendly activities can be provided, by examining the effectiveness of video-streaming arts-based programmes with regard to social inclusion. They refer to the Sharing Dance Older Adults project as a case study. The study includes the perspectives of people living with dementia as well as community partners in a range of settings to better understand the contextual factors influencing the factors, which lead to the success or failure of a dance programme for people living with dementia and carers.

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The study by Skinner et al. (2018): 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-026912