Learning Platform Public Lecture Series

The FAST45 Learning Platform supports the public presentation and representation of live research activities by members of the FAST45 research consortium.

Over a two year research period, interviews, workshops and lectures will be delivered, archived and accessed within the platform. Initially populated by events from the Public Lecture Series, the Learning Platform will create a broad discussion on the historical, theoretical, and political character of educational technologies, platforms and pedagogies in the art school. The archival material produced will generate analysis, critique and experimentation with the form of the Learning Platform, at a time of unprecedented acceleration in digital education.

As part of FAST45's schedule of events we invite you to:

10 February, 2022 Prof. Daniel Weinbren presents Open to People, Places, Methods & Ideas? - Watch the recording

25 February, 2022 Audrey Watters presents The History of the Future of the Learning Platform - Watch the recording

25 March, 2022 Neil Mulholland presents ShiftWork: A Paragogics for Open Artistic Learning - Watch the recording

29 April, 2022 Dr Jake Watts presents The Uses, Abuses and Possible Futures of the Workshop in Arts Education - Watch the recording

19 May, 2022 Dr Michael Newall presents For and Against Creativity in Art Schools - Recording coming soon

23 September, 2022 Pushing the Frontiers of Education with AI, Blockchain and Robots - Register here>

The Learning Platform Public Lecture Series is open to all and free of charge. Find out more>

The FAST45 Learning Platform has been developed by TU Dublin.