Taking a futures studies approach, the FAST45 project aims to imagine, map and shape a higher arts education landscape where participation, research, and education in the arts play a crucial and integrated role within the sector and society as a whole.

FAST45 aims to collect knowledge, create and test new methodologies and implement them as part of Art School Futures Labs. Educators, researchers, students and business professionals together, are in the process of creating scenarios with the aim to operationalise them in policy papers, long-term collaborations and valuable tools that will empower arts institutions to not only anticipate an unknown future, but to actively shape it.

By working across sectoral boundaries and envisioning future scenarios for 2045, the Erasmus + Knowledge Alliance funded project FAST45 intends to achieve the following objectives:

FAST45 knowledge, methods and tools will create agency and sustainability for institutes of the arts and their stakeholders.

FAST45 is funded by the ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliances.

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